2012 Christmas Ginger Bread house

Last year, we managed a time-lapse of the construction (see here). This year, with a toddler roaming around the house, a camera on a tripod wasn’t a good idea so it’s just a couple of photos whenever I remember to grab the camera. Instead of a regular standard house, we decided that we’ll make a…

2011 Year in Photos

The year everything changed – 2011 Here’s looking back the 12 months in photos from blog entries excerpted over the year. JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL Surprisingly no photos and no entries in April. MAY JUNE JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER

Happy New Year 2011

Nothing much to see or write 🙂 but hope everyone has had a fantastic 2010. I know I did and I’m looking forward to 2011. It may be a great year or it may be a challenging year, but with my darling with me, it’ll turn out fine.

2010 – The Year on Don’t Panik in Pictures

2010 – the year that was, through whatever lens or camera I happen to have at that time. A year filled with blessings that overflow, with experiences that push me forward and upwards, with family and friends that remind me how rich and blessed I am with them around me. January February March April May…